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Great, great, great imaginative moves, dancing and music. A modern, psychedelic-high footage of Phantom and Christine. Such a new age definition of their romantic tragedy. I loved the moves...tell me what choreophrapher did you hire to get all these moves down, Steven. Don't tell me it was practice or just real great control over the computer and putting stuff like this out! (That was a joke on the practice...but knowing Steven, you might just say it was true?!!) I really watched intensely every movement in that skit. It was also longer than the others and so smoothly put together. Thank you Steven. It finally clicked on and I had some great entertainment. Voila! Stay focused Steven, give us more of these. They're wonderful. And, thanks Etienne for letting him elaborate on your work.

Excellent piece. I know this took a great deal of time and effort on your part and it certainly paid off. The skit is polished and moving, my jaw fell open and I'm still in wonderment at what you can accomplish. The costumes are particularly interesting and the scenes seamlessly correspond with the music. Bravo! You can elaborate on my work anytime.

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When I got a chance I saw the skit on the website 3 times!! It is really polished perfection. Etienne and the webmaster, did a great job, from the reflections in the mirror to the picutre on the wall changing. The skit is fantastic. You did such a good job. It's longer, I enjoyed it, it's funny, all the details are there. I think you all did a great job on that! I like those little things with teeth that crawl on the floor! Get them out of the way, get them out of the way!

It was Funny! I laughed at the first line when she called the butler "Gerry". This webmaster has a good sense of humor! Why in the world does poor Christine have such big puffy shoulder sleeves???? (answer: Christine is in costume for the stage.)

I just logged on to the website and was thoroughly delighted with the skit. I found the humor to be tongue-in-cheek and something like “an inside joke” being told to those in the know. Absolutely loved it! I can only imagine the fun you had in creating this skit—and the dialogue and “risqué” moves by our dainty soprano. Definitely my kind of silly humor—even down to the “row, row, row your boat.” I’m looking forward to more of your crative ideas!

Very well done! I did have a chuckle, especially over the Gondola ride... and the inclusion of Leroux's photo (and Erik peering out of it!). Very well done!

The skit was really good I thought, I loved the music at the end and the beginning and also the "Wheee". Hehe, it was cute that he popped up from the floor. Very well done and cute. it did make me smile a lot and I am so happy that you grant me access before others get to see it. That makes me feel special.

All I can say is wow, that was some excellent work. My hats off to Scott. His animation techniques have improved remarkably. I am not sure which parts impressed me most. The layering or the mouth movements during dialogue. The story line was great as well with plenty of humor. I really liked the split scene effect when Eric was talking to Christine through the mirror. It was done most excellent all the way through. I had to watch it a second time to enjoy the story portion on account of paying more attention to the animation techniques the first go around. Keep up the good work guys and thank you for letting me be one of the first to watch it =)
Steven Pentecost

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Nice piece of work, but way, way too short. Tell Steven we want more, more! He can't leave us hanging like this.

Good, very good, but does our Phantom say something? Sing something to get her to turn around? And when she turns, does she see the disguise or the real Phantom?

Excellent work! Please expand the story. I'm dying to know what happens next.

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Terrific! And what a cast of characters! Glad to see all the humor in it, makes Erik so much more human. I loved the “grand ole opry” line and I especially laughed when Erik slammed the door on the Daroga.

What a great idea to use mannequins. I want to see more. Some pretty great minds are working together out there on the West Coast.

Very funny, I enjoyed it very much. I love the candles, the stretching, the mirror, the music, and Carlotta. I also liked the backgrounds and the scream from the Daroga was funny, too. It must be really hard and time-consuming to make animated movies. You did great though.

The Daroga’s scream made me crack up, very cute and unexpected. It looked like the mirror cracked just right. Commendations on your first animated effort!

Awesome! Shame on you for making me laugh out loud when I was supposed to be at work. But it was so hilarious! Yes, you should most definitely open up the theater to the public.

Bravo!! Encore, Encore!! That was VERY well done and very funny to boot. Can’t say enough about how good it was and how much I enjoyed it. Congratulations on your first piece.

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