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I) The Return of the Phantom
After two years of silence, a tormented Erik reveals to a morosely depressed Christine that he is still alive. Her marriage to Raoul is a sham. She works passionately to overcome Erik’s reluctance to let them have a life together. Surprises and revelations unfold throughout the tale.

II) The Season of the Witch
Written in four sections, deals with Erik and Christine struggling to keep hearth and hearts united. They confront Victor LaPointe’s ghost and a string of pressures from both outside and inside the family. In the end the author Gaston Leroux is hijacked to experience the notorious Phantom.

III) The Tale of the Bloodline
Brings Erik into the current century – the results of a mad award-winning geneticist descendent, who is motivated, at least in part, by a character named Julian from book #2. A fifteen-year-old Erik is unhappy and unfulfilled until Christine returns. She does. While grappling with newly aquired deformity, Erik learns the true identity of the man who shadows him inwardly, and the companion who has traveled through time to stay at his side.

IV) The Disciples of the Night
Now available in the Phantom's Bookstore. In this fourth novel, a physically afflicted Erik recuperates his relationship with Christine, gives her a gift beyond measure, and unites his modern psyche with his constant internal companion - the Phantom of the 1800's Paris Opera House.

V) The Theater of the Lost
Deep into second re-write; contract signed with publisher. As a team, Erik and Christine cope with a number of interesting and perplexing problems including some persistent police, several nasty villains, and a few rather macabre supernatural beings.

VI) The Concert of the Mysteries
Through the looking glass, peering sharply, Erik seeks to spy one fragile ray of light. A Nocturne for the Heart. These pensive days, filled with distraught hours, are tortures unto themselves.


Nota bene: These works are written to pay homage to the glorious mind and writing style of Gaston Leroux.